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The Ascension Process and Re-Wiring Your Brain

Chakra color balancingIn a previous article, I discussed what taking Ascension seriously means. I also implied that as soon as you begin to take the Ascension process seriously, fears can come up for you that can prevent you from ascending. This article explains that working through any fears that come up regarding Ascension is actually part of the process that helps you ascend--by helping you to "rewire" your brain.

Let's face it; you will need to work through any fears you have about ascending before you stand a chance of reaching the "tipping point" in the Ascension process. (The tipping point is the point where you give your higher self and particularly, your inner guidance at least as much credence and attention as anyone or anything outside of yourself--even the Ascension experts you may follow religiously, even the channeled messages that come from Archangel Michael, SaLuSa, or Mathew Ward.)

There are several fears that can come up as one begins the path of Ascension. Some of these fears arise from misunderstandings spread on the Internet. For example, some people are worried that they may ascend "against their will." They want to "stay behind" to take care of loved ones. This, and any other fear, will of course need to be worked through before you can make inroads into the Ascension process.

So how do you go about releasing your fears? I can guarantee that you will not release your fears just by saying, "I release my fear about ascending" or by pretending to "let it go" as if you are letting a balloon go up into the atmosphere. You will actually have to sit down and work through your fear in your own mind. You will have to call upon your higher self and your intuition as well as rationally think things through so that in the end, your mind recognizes that your fear is ungrounded and feels safe. Then you can move forward.

By using the reconnecting process (reconnecting with your higher self) and thinking things through, you are making new neural connections that are helping to Raise Your Consciousness. You are forging new neural pathways (new bridges to consciousness) in your brain. Which means that you are actually rewiring your brain and ascending your consciousness.

Only you can think things through in your own brain. Only you can forge new neural connections (that connect your DNA strands together). Can you now see why no one can activate your consciousness for you and why it's silly to think that you can ascend against your will? No one can connect your DNA strands for you just as no one can activate your consciousness. Only you can do this for yourself.

When we look at the state of the world I think we can agree that something big has got to change. Humanity has been programmed to follow the teachings of the "high priests" and the "experts" for thousands of years. Can you really expect to ascend without learning how to think for yourself or trust your inner guidance? Would a Golden Age even be possible with a population that can't think for itself? No way!

I was never afraid of disappearing from the Earth and leaving my loved ones behind because that scenario was never real to me, but I had other fears regarding Ascension that I needed to process through. (Which I discuss in detail in my memoir.) Regardless of the nature of your fears around Ascension, processing through them is extremely important. Working through your fears will help rewire your brain--which actually helps you ascend.

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