Dimensions of Consciousness/Reality

At this present time, every life form on this planet is undergoing a rapid evolutionary process. The Ascension process and the Signs and Symptoms associated with it, are occurring on a personal and planetary level as a whole. On an individual level ascension inolves changing one’s consciousness from one reality, based on one set of beliefs, to another. On a group or planetary level, ascension is the collective expansion of a state of consciousness (set of beliefs) to the point where that consciousness creates/shifts into a new reality—a new state of being, paradigm, or Dimension.

When we choose to expand our awareness (or as it happens naturally), our overall vibration becomes lighter/higher. We are then able to tune into higher frequencies and tap into and work within higher "dimensions". In this metaphysical sense, a dimension is a 'level of consciousness' that is vibrating energetically at a particular rate/frequency; a dimension can also be considered to be a particular way of percieving reality.

Ascension happens naturally, but one can choose to become more fully conscious of the experience as it is happening and even accelerate the process for themselves, others and the entire planet. Since ascension involves the raising of vibration, it is about shifting from that which is of a lower or denser frequency (such as negative thinking, limited perception, personal judgements, fear and painful or repressed emotions) to that which is of a higher or lighter frequency (such as feelings of love and compassion, understanding the inter-connectedeness of all things, and an expanded perception of reality as a whole).

Earth is considered to be of a lower/denser vibration (3D) because the collective mind-set is stuck within these lower/denser vibrating frequencies of fear and separation; but this is starting to change. Earth and its inhabitants--consciousness itself--is already making the trasition to a higher frequency or dimension beyond the limitation of 3D. There is more to reality than meets the limited physical eye. As we raise our vibration and consciously expand our perceptions of reality, that which has been previously veiled in darkness will become illuminated by our inner awareness.

The mind, body and spirit are all inter-connected in this universal web of life and death. Everything is made up of energy at a fundamental level and all things are inter-connected. Underneath the surface of all that appears solid in our three-dimensional world, energy is constantly in motion; nothing is at rest. Energy differs only in degree depending on its frequency of vibration (denser/heavier - finer/lighter). At the core of your being you are energy. Consciousness is energy. In a spiritual sense, you are not a human being having a spiritual experience; you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

The ascension experience is about the expansion of human consciousness and the shifting of vibration. When enough individual people expand their consciousness and shift into a higher frequency of vibration, then a new perception of reality is co-created, and a new paradigm or worldview is experienced on a collective level.


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