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Energy Changes

Many times during the ascension process one will experience issues with balance and coordination. They may also have dizzy spells from time to time, or just a sense of disorientation, or suddenly being 'clumsy'. These issues might occur even after any medical issues have been ruled out. Oftentimes, people describe feeling 'spaced out/spacey' lightheaded or fuzzy-headed. One may feel detached or disconnected from reality or various aspects of their own lives, or other people. One might be distracted easily or find themselves staring off into "nothing" more often. Sometimes this symptom can manifest as a sense of confusion or nervous energy from time to time, not necessarily due to any specific health issue or a result of any physical substance they might have consumed.

There are a few common reasons why these ascension symptoms tend to occur for many. You might have heard about the concept of being "centered" or "grounded". Some people (especially during the awakening process) can become more sensitive to the 'energies' of their environment and the people around them. This can cause them to become a bit ungrounded or their energies become scattered. They might be picking up too much information or become overwhelmed with details (which can cause symptoms related to head pressure and anxiety, as well).

At a certain stage in the ascension process one might become more highly attuned to energies they have never experienced or 'picked up on' before. Also, many begin to feel and experience the subtle energy from other dimensions, or other 'frequencies' of energy that they aren't quite used to on a regular basis. This can cause one's energy (and life!) to become imbalanced. Often people use legal or illegal substances to 'alter their mind' or temporarily leave their body which can also create a lot of these ascension symptoms, but often creating more side effects or negative symptoms as a result.

Another common reason for ascension symptoms such as the dizzy or disoriented feelings (and many others) is due to energetic shifts occurring on the planet or even cosmic events which can cause changes in your mind, body and spiritual energy fields. One may begin sensing whenever there has been a shift in vibration, whether that be from a physical or spiritual reason.

Spending time in nature and meditation can especially help one to "ground themselves" into their body and relieve many of these symptoms. Learning to become more balanced and becoming fully centered in one's own being is beneficial and even a part of the ascension process itself. Being more mindful and present, and more aware of one's own body or heart center can help alleviate some of these type of symptoms as well.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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