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How Can I Laugh When I'm In Pain?

Pain often causes us to focus on something that doesn't feel very good and this can make us feel victimized and miserable. However if we learn to turn our attention to fun and laughter our body will respond by producing natural ‘happy chemicals’ that can uplift and help us to cope much better, sometimes even Dissolving the pain completely.

Pain, whether mental, emotional or physical, often causes us to focus on something that doesn't feel very good and this can put a dark cloud over our experience of the world. We can end up feeling like a victim, both helpless and hopeless as we find ourselves moving in a downward spiral of depression, gloom and more pain.

At an energetic level you could say that the normal positive and life enhancing energy flow that lets us see and experience ourselves and our life in a good and positive light has been blocked or disrupted in some way. Just as dark sunglasses can block out the bright rays of the sun, it is almost as if we are wearing dark shades which make the world appear gloomy and dark. And we take this as our reality.

“It’s just the way it is”

When we experience a situation as negative, our body can attract more negative energy towards it which causes a disturbance in the body's Energy Field. We can lose sight of what is joyful in life and lose track of what it means to be grateful because pain gets in the way. If we have a severe headache, for example, all of our attention is drawn to it and we can end up feeling pretty miserable.

In the book, 'The Genie in your Genes', Dawson Church describes how our genes DANCE with our awareness. What he is saying is that our thoughts, emotions and behavior actually have the power to SHAPE our biology. No need to tell you then, that this awareness can make a critical difference to how we feel and experience the world and ultimately to our health and vibrant well-being! We could choose to focus on something other than the headache. Children in hospitals, for example, can often be distracted away from their pain by being happily engaged with the antics of a hospital clown. When you turn your attention to something that is fun, like watching a funny film or ‘losing yourself’ in some creative pursuit you can change the energy flow in your body and move it towards a more positive outcome. You may even forget that you are in pain for a while.

Scientific research is now showing that many genes are being turned on or off, like a switch, by our beliefs, feelings and attitudes. What this means is that we actually have the power to Use Our Thoughts and feelings to raise our level of vitality and happiness. Many studies show that what we THINK about our health is one of the most accurate predictors of our longevity. Whatever meanings we assign to the events in our lives are about as important to our health and functioning as the facts themselves.

Laughter, light-heartedness and meditation even in the face of difficulties involves looking at serious situations and problems with a sense of humor, seeing the humour in life's problems and pains. Even just something as simple as a smile can bring about changes in your body that happen instantly and automatically to make you feel better almost immediately.

Often we have the tendency to think that we have to be in a good mood to laugh, but actually it can work the other way round too. We can laugh first, even if it doesn’t feel ‘real’ (the body doesn’t know the difference between real and ‘pretend’ laughter). The body will respond by producing natural ‘happy chemicals’ that can uplift you and help you to cope much better and sometimes can even dissolve the pain completely. There are many stories of people being healed through laughter.

What an empowering and joyful thought, that we can choose to use laughter as a tool for our own healing and have fun with it along the way.

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