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Healing into Light - The Purification of Individuals and of the Earth

Sunrise rays of light over ocean water Today, many people on the planet are in need of healing and are suffering through difficult times - some physically, some emotionally, some due to what appear to be external circumstances. In reality, the earth itself is undergoing a global purification which is causing many to experience an upsurge of both emotional and physical difficulties. We are not yet accustomed to thinking of everything that is physical as having a spiritual root, and yet this is what is taking place as purification advances upon the planet.

Many nations, as well, are experiencing a similar kind of upheaval related to planetary purification. The purpose of this movement and, indeed, of this turbulence, is to free the self of formerly blocked negative energies and ultimately to create greater freedom for each self and for the planet as a whole.

The purification of the individual and of the planet operates according to similar principles and the healing that is made possible through both is the same. Light intensifies in its potency, creating a separation between energies of light and darkness. The darkness, once separated, moves from a dormant state into the light of awareness where it can be seen, and felt, and released into the infinite light of God. During this passage, things that were held in the body because they were too painful to feel – things that may have manifested as longstanding physical or emotional symptoms – may intensify in their level of activity while at the same time becoming available to our awareness again.

Glowing blue earth On a Planetary Level also, things that were latent within human consciousness are now more readily acted out upon the world stage because what was hidden is now revealed, and what has become more conscious has a greater possibility for becoming active in its expression. The purification that is taking place in a general sense means that people will feel more – that things will come up more frequently and with greater intensity on all levels in order to be healed. This is the result of the greater efficacy of light upon the earth, and though its immediate result may be disturbing in certain respects, it is simultaneously creating the possibility for greater freedom of people everywhere to live in love, in peace, and with a sense of unity with all of life.

The increased possibility for dealing with formerly concealed or dormant energies that are now making themselves known, creates entirely new possibilities for healing at this time. This can include physical, mental, and emotional difficulties that are acute, or those that may have troubled us for years.

The power of light that is now more available on the planet is already infusing our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Through understanding the process and through working with it in a conscious way – in a way that focuses on the incorporation of greater light into the body and consciousness - greater healing of pain and suffering that relate to the time we are in can take place, and discomfort and distress can be alleviated.

There are many avenues of working with light for purposes of Healing and Purification, some more powerful than others. Some take place through meditation; some through participation in the synergy of light-filled groups; some through being in nature, and some through spiritual practices which focus more directly on alignment and on breathing in light for the purpose of healing painful areas of life, whether physical, emotional, or any other variety. Commitment to such a practice can go a long way toward concentrating light in the body for purposes of healing. It can also create a heightened awareness, simultaneously, of our deeper identity as spiritual beings.

Article Source/About the Author: By Julie Redstone - www.lightomega.org

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