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Golden Keys to Achieving Ascension - 1 - Everything is Eternal Love

The single most important golden key, in my opinion, is to see every person, animal, plant, and mineral as God visiting you in physical form. See everyone and everything, including yourself, as an incarnation of the Eternal Self. - Joshua David Stone

One of the wondrous aspects of ascension is your increased awareness of Oneness. The feeling of remembering your connection to all that is can be the most humbling, empowering, and reassuring feelings you will experience while human.

One thing that will block that experience is not being able, or willing, to practice this Golden key. In order to know yourself as an expression of Divinity you must see everything and everyone else in the same Light.

When our opinions differ from others, or we feel affected by the choices of others in difficult ways, we are challenged to remember that All of Creation of the same Source.

One of the things I do when a person or circumstance arises in my life that is unsettling for me emotionally is to wrap that person or circumstance in a bubble of white Light. I, too, am in the bubble of Light with whatever is affecting me.

I take time in my meditation and throughout the day to visual Light encompassing the entire thing in the bubble, and say aloud.

"I know this person/circumstance is an expression of God. It is here in my life at this moment to teach me that we are all created as unique expression of Divinity. I ask for the ability to see the gift and the beauty in this person/circumstance. I humbly surrender all of my difficult feelings and am wholly willing to be thankful for this situation."

I then make a list of everything positive I can think of about the person/circumstance. I see the positive aspects swirling around in the bubble of Light and then emanating outward to All.

Regardless of how many trips you take on the journey within you will need the core knowledge - the Universal Truth - of this Golden Key in order to embody being Spirit in form.

Golden Keys to Achieving Ascension - 2 - Love With All Your Heart, Soul, and Might

The first golden key then leads you to golden key number two which is to "love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and might and to love your neighbor as yourself." It is easy to practice unconditional love when you remember that God is embodied in all forms. - Joshua David Stone

Dr. Stone spells out such a simple and poignant Truth about ascension in this golden key. Each word has power and great meaning.

Love is the energy vibration of Creation itself. It is the frequency which creates, destroys, re-creates, and embraces all of the stages as part of the whole. It is the energy which allows for every THING seen and unseen - in this and all worlds. To Love without condition is the omnipresent Source of All.

Heart is the human center which is in direct communication with Spirit at all times. All emotion, desire, passion, and purpose emanate from and through the heart. When one focuses all of their intention and action through the Heart, they are living with Spirit as their constant companion.

Soul is what you are - in essence. The human you is one small facet of a large spark emanating from the ray of Love. To integrate the Soul in your choices is to involve all facets of your spiritual essence in each decision and action. To involve the all-knowing self in all you do.

Mind is the builder of worlds and realities. Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, when explaining how creation works said, "Spirit is the source, Mind is the builder, Physical is the result." A half century later quantum physics has been able to verify that simple Truth. Your reality is that which you set your mind upon. Regardless of which thoughts come into your Mind, it is the thoughts which you focus on that create your reality.

Might is the unstoppable human Will. How blessed we are as expressions of Spirit on Earth to enjoy the expression of Free Will. The human Will, the desire to experience something unavailable in other realms of creation, the intention to become lost in separation and forgetfulness for the sake of remembering our true essence, is unparalleled in all worlds.

"With your choices you have created a new reality for Earth and for All that Is." ~ I AM

When we intentionally live our life from the center of our Hearts, using the power of our infinite Minds, and free Will, we expand Love to dimensions where it did not exist. We create new realms of existence.

"You have a saying there on Earth... 'As above, so below.' One point we want you all to understand, which is very important at this time of ascension is... 'As below, so above.' You have ventured into the darkness and filled it with Light. Where there was void, there is now life, there is now Love. You are creators." ~ I AM

As you focus on this golden key to achieving ascension this lifetime remember the power you have as a vast expression of Spirit embodied with a powerful mind and beautiful will. Remember that everything is Love within the Sacred Hoop, and you are expanding the hoop with your choice to live in Compassion for All.

One unique challenge many Lightworkers face in these unique times is the ability to Love yourself as completely as you Love your neighbor. It is of utmost importance that you suspend self-judgment, embracing all of your humanness as fully as you would provide that gift to another.

May today bring peace to your heart in the knowing that when you accept the Love of the Universe into yourself, you are able to radiate that Love to All. The rest is just details.

Golden Keys to Achieving Ascension - 3 - God Equals Man Minus Ego

Golden key number three is the famous definition of God given by His Holiness, the Lord Sai Baba: "God equals man minus ego." Negative ego is the mountain range that stands between you and self-realization. Die to your lower self and you will realize the higher self. In the beginning stages of the path the negative ego is in control. In the middle stages there is a tremendous battle for control. In the later stages, the negative ego which is embodied as the dweller on the threshold (glamour, illusion, and maya) has been mastered and subjugated. - Joshua David Stone, Ph.D

When we speak of ego as it relates to the spiritual path, we are not referring to the ego one considers in psychological circles. This is not about the healthy personal ego which helps you know your needs and stand up for your rights. It is not about the vane ego which grabs for admiration and discards others. We are referring to the design element which creates a sense of separation between people and the Divine.

When the facet of your soul spark made the decision to experience the earth realms you chose to take in certain characteristics of "being human".

Those included;

* being incarnate - or living in direct relationship to a body,
* free will - which is experienced on Earth in ways it is not elsewhere, and
* ego - the veil which causes you to believe you are separate from your Creator and from All others.

Ego is the aspect of being human which allows you to forget that you are one with All. It is both a necessary component to the human adventure and a key reason you chose to take this journey. You see, if you had not forgotten your essence as a spiritual being, then you could not feel the glory of remembering. And the feeling of making that transition from truly believing you are individual to the realization that you are omnipotent is one of the key reasons for playing the game of being human.

So, when Sai Baba refers to God equals man minus ego, he is stating that once you are able to pierce the veil, set aside the wall which seems to divide you from your Source, then you are able to see the Truth of your essence - as a facet of God.

Interestingly enough this is not a one time habit to kick. Yes, it is true that once you have experienced your self as intimately connected to All of Creation you will never forget it. Never again will you fully embrace that you might be separate from anything.

However, life here on Earth will continue to provide opportunities which challenge your ability and your willingness to embrace the fact that everything is in perfect harmony.

Sooner or later, and repeatedly, circumstances will arise where you begin to question why things are happening in your life in ways you did not ask for, or you did not wish to attract. You will disagree strongly with someone, perhaps feel offended by the choices of another, or someone you care deeply for will pass away from your life. At times like these you will - once again - feel like you are separate from the Creator.

You will feel as though others are "not you", or you may even feel abandoned by the very God you have been praying to.

This is the ego playing its role as the wall of separation from your soul self.

The good news is, the ego and the veil are only illusions. Very strong illusions strategically placed to make the most of the individual experience, but, illusion nonetheless.

One of the most helpful things I have found at challenging moments in my life - times when I am most likely to slip into feeling apart from the beauty of Oneness - is a few early lessons in A Course In Miracles.

"I do not understand anything I see in this room, on the street, from this window, in this place." - Lesson 3

"I see nothing as it is now." - Lesson 9

"I am determined to see things differently." - Lesson 21

When I focus on these few simple sentences I am able to remind myself that life on Earth as I know it is an illusion I chose to experience for the sake of my soul's desire to learn. I willfully decide to expand my inner vision to include my higher self so I might begin to see more of the Truth in my experience and how it is benefiting life beyond the individual "me".

I do not judge myself or others for any choices which might have contributed to the challenge I am facing. I know that my God, Great Spirit, the Creator Source of All That Is, is a most compassionate energy. I know, beyond any doubt, that I - the little me hanging out here on Earth with the individual experience, and the greater me which is active in many dimensions - I am loved beyond measure.

In using this Golden Key to Achieving Ascension in this Lifetime, remember that your soul's greatest desire for you is to pierce the veil of separation and forgetfulness. The other facets of your soul will do all they can to help you, and remind you of your essence.

Be willing to set aside the need for any single perspective. Be willing to surrender all of the emotions you have about something. Be willing to trust the infinite nature of Creation. Be willing to look for the beauty in everything you experience.

I know it can be hard at times.

God sees beauty in every minute aspect of Creation. It is only the ego who can perceive anything else.

At times when the ego tries to put up a good fight, as if to remind me I am "ONLY HUMAN", I stand firm in one simple thought. A thought so powerful it can and does pierce the veil every time. A thought so simple and profound BECAUSE it is based in the Truth of Oneness, and not in the illusion of being separate. A thought which, when focused on diligently, reminds the ego I know I am much more than human.

Highest Good Be Done.

Choose to live with peace in your heart.

Quiet the ego and know that you are of God.

Article Source/About the Author: Carla Anderson

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