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Enlightenment and Ascension - What Is It Really?

Put simply Enlightenment and Ascension is a re-returning back to the first original state with more. If what you read below feels right or if you find you resonate with any of it then most likely you are also part of this wondrous process many, many individuals are finding they are already in.

Now some may say what are you talking about?

What I am referring to is that special time in a beings existence that arrives when it can once again re-remember and re-actualize within its self and existence the full truth of it's deepest nature.

Within our daily lives are cycles and regular activities we do repeatedly. Like wise within the reality of our nonphysical nature (of which this physical reality experience is part of) there are cycles that are experienced.

Enlightened being surrounded by lightThe speed and process of Enlightenment and Ascension is really a uniquely individual process that is accomplished (with our own effort and hand) by removing the vail of unawareness and rejoining the parts of "Self" that needed to be temporarily let go of. These parts and aspects of "Self" are let go of temporarily so that we can more fully move down and into a dual polarity perspective. The process of returning back to an enlightened and ascended state its self is the same for each individual but when comparing individuals side by side or in a group setting everyone may be at totally different stages of the process.

There is much merit to be said for those brave beings willing to descend down into the realities of dualistic natures with all the trappings of and entanglements contained there in. There are some individuals that actually do not make it back out the first time and need to remain until the creation restarts the cycle over again.

Things that you can work with or that may need to be balanced or cleared along your journey are -

1) The mind

2) The psychologies of your current personality

3) Your consciousness the mind utilizes

4) Your Egoic structure

5) The Emotional level (includes attachments to people, places and things)

6) Your non physical nature (including the psychology of your transpersonal nature)

7) The process described as kundalini in the East. (The Kundalini is not confined only to this one current incarnation but it is subtly woven through all the different expressions and levels of your essence. The kundalini process should not be forced but instead supported with caring lovingness and kindness when it becomes active within us.)

Here are the simple, basic tools everyone can use to easily assist with a more smoother Enlightenment and Ascension process -

1) Journaling - Both kinds of journaling. Regular and Retrogressive journaling

2) Regular meditation - if possible to be engaged in on a daily bases

3) Dream work - the recording and analysis of your rich dream world for insights into your life and psychologies

4) The willingness to go beyond your own limitations

Enlightenment and Ascension is the process of evolving consciousness by unburdening our selves of outdated psychologies, habits, addictions and energy structures. As we develop the mind, mental discipline and energetic capacity to go beyond the old forms, the "Being" half of the Human-Being" that we are will emerge to reveal the truth of existence and assist the completion of the Ascension process.

Article Source/About the Author: Bryan has assisted individuals and groups with both meditation and the learnable ability to tune into the deeper nature of the Human-Being.
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