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Don't Give Up - Ride That Ascension Wave All the Way Through 2012 and Beyond!

My recent newsletter article called "Welcome to 2012 and Beyond" has received enough email returning a similar question that I felt I must take the time to answer it for all to read and remember these are my views; accept what you like and leave the rest behind.

The most concern seems to be my belief that our physical world is N-O-T going to end by some disastrous event and it appears this has brought relief to many however it has also brought confusion as well in the form of...

"What do we do now? If it isn't going to actually E-N-D what is the point of doing all this work on ourselves?"

We live in incredible times; never before in the history of humankind has there been such an opportunity for spiritual growth. We are here to ride the wave of Ascension, leave the wheel of reincarnation and become Lords and Ladies of Light. Therefore, my answer to the question of "What's the point?" - is change. Drastic, hardcore change that if viewed from a positive perspective is truly uplifting, enlightening, empowering and above all brings forth truth and freedom for all who have made the conscious choice to participate at this level. Remember it is your choice.

"Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." - John Lennon

So what does ascension mean?

It is my current belief that ascension is a form of evolution. It is the process of bringing in higher frequencies of light changing one's consciousness from one reality - fear based thinking and living also known as duality consciousness - to another reality - love based thinking and living also known as Love/Oneness/Christ Consciousness or said in another way; ascension is the energy of human consciousness being upgraded, causing mass evolution to occur. Woo-hooooie!

This means in order to receive the higher light energies we must prepare ourselves and raise our vibration in order to allow that level of light to fill our vessel. The more light we have in our cells and our being the nearer we are to Ascension and because every thought, word, emotion and action is a creation vibration we need to purify our thoughts, cleanse our emotions and be sure to make the highest choices in our life towards not only ourselves but others and our environment. Once we are able to radiate at that higher level we are for the most part free of much fear and lower vibrations thus can live a life full of joy and express ourselves through complete freedom.

So what do I need to do?

Get out of your own way, let go of everything that is not the real you - fear, anxiety, negative thoughts, negative emotions, frustration, belief systems, judgments, criticisms, control, ego, greed, manipulation, lying, cheating, stealing, violence, gossip, revenge, resentment, etc. let them go and be willing to learn the lessons from your life situations. Yup, that means you need to take full and complete responsibility for your life and do the inner work to clear these things. No more blaming anyone or anything for any situation in your life. Accept it, own it, learn the lesson from it, make peace with it then forgive it, release it and move on in happiness creating new by carrying forth the wisdom from your previous experiences. Once you truly learn a life lesson you will not have to repeat the same teaching. And that's a wonderful thing!

You also need to clear attachments, entities, implants, negative thought forms, etc. from your auric field and learn how to protect yourself and purify your home from future attacks, invasions, assaults and free-riders. These 'things' have the ability to manipulate your senses. They hold you down in vibration because that's where they want you to be. You are their source of food; they literally feed off you, siphoning your vital life force energies. They can also manipulate your moods and feelings, cause you to feel ill, angry, sad, confused and so much more. These unseens wreck havoc because that's what they thrive on. However, negative energies and entities cannot connect with or hang onto your field when you vibrate at a high frequency or have a high light quotient. Therefore your ultimate spiritual protection would be to raise your vibration and consciousness to a level above those things which vibrate at a lower frequency.

You will also want to take care of your physical body because it is the vehicle that you need to have in order to navigate the earth plane. Detoxify your body, keeping it toxin-free as much as possible by eating healthy, getting daily exercise, doing breath work, stretching, yoga, etc.

What lowers our light quotient or vibration?

Anything that would be harmful or hurtful to yourself or another being such as gossip, greed, negative thinking, refusing to make decisions for yourself, laziness, alcohol, drugs, overwork, cigarettes, processed foods, sugar, unkindness, confusion, holding on to hurt, tension, stress, anger, hatred, television, newspapers, judgment, poverty consciousness, etc. Consciously cut as many of these things out of your life as possible.

What raises our light quotient or vibration?

Generosity and abundance, singing, laughter, being out in beauty and nature, serenity, love, clarity, relaxation, high vibrational music, creativity, meditation, joy, energy healing, aromatherapy, decisions, thinking good of others, inspirational reading, prayer, crystals, chanting, etc. Consciously bring more of these into your daily life.

How can energy healing help me?

An Energy Healing Treatment can help eliminate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues by breaking up the denser energies within your body, bringing the stagnant energy to the surface for release, balance and integration. Every session is unique and every session has a benefit at some level of your being whether you are aware of it immediately or not. Sometimes the healing is immediate and sometimes it comes in layers, yet it always transpires. Energy healing is about bringing the perfection of the real you into balance.

Please be assured that as the Earth goes through her changes, you will be moved and realigned in all areas of your own life. All of the challenges that are being presented to you now are for your spiritual evolution. This is the time of the vast Shift In Consciousness, so each of us will find ourselves in a world of our very own creation. Those in fear will attract the unclear and unhealed portions of themselves as exterior beings. Misuse of life and power draws its mirror experience. You will come to understand that you are what you are afraid of and that you reap as you sow.

I want to do certain things in my life but how do I know that it will be right for me?

Go within. Ask your heart what to do in regards to anything and try to discern the tiny feelings which bubble to the surface. The heart doesn't speak in words; it speaks in sensations of joy, pain and yearnings. This will take practice but over time you will understand what different feelings mean to you. To follow the heart's promptings is the beginning of wisdom.

Now is not the time to throw up your hands in despair and say this is pointless. Now is the time to grow your relationship with your Inner Self and with God. Your soul is yearning to be reconnected!

With Love and Tremendous Gratitude, Many Blessings!

Namaste, Lisa Whatley - xo

Article Source/About the Author: Lisa Whatley hostess of http://www.InfinityLightHealing.com is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. "The Key to Self Mastery IS Within... Where Freedom Reigns!"

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