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Dissolving the Pain Body

The pain-body doesn't want you to observe it directly. The moment you observe the pain-body, feel its energy field within you and take your attention into it, the identification is broken. A higher dimension of consciousness comes in. It is called Presence. You are now the witness or the watcher of the pain-body.

Body pain from exertion is fairly easy to identify. It is different than a physical symptom of depression.

If you work at a computer or desk all day and come home with a sore neck, it is from the exertion of having your body in the same position all day long.

A physical symptom of depression in the neck could be stiffness at the base of the skull caused by clenching your jaw all day. This, however, is just one example of the difference between exertion and a physical symptom of depression.

The most common physical complaint from people suffering from chronic depression is also chronic pain, the unending pain that seems to follow you everywhere, and puts a wedge between you and having fun.

You're too tired or in too much back, neck, or headache pain to participate in life.

The chronic pain makes you want to stay home, and the feelings of uselessness and being left out precipitate the ongoing depression.

Sign and Symptoms

Watch out for any sign of unhappiness in yourself in whatever form—it may be the awakening pain-body. This can take the form of irritation, impatience, a somber mood, a desire to hurt, anger, rage, depression, a need to have some drama in your relationship and so on. Catch the pain-body the moment it awakens from its dormant stage.

• Observe the resistance within yourself. Observe the attachment to your pain. Be very alert. Observe the peculiar pleasure you derive from being unhappy. Observe the compulsion to talk or think about it. The resistance will cease if you make it conscious.
• Focus attention on the negative feeling inside you. Know that it is the pain-body. Accept that it is there. Don't think about it—don't let the feeling turn into thinking. Don't judge yourself out of it. Stay present, and continue to be the observer of what is happening inside you.

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