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Stomach and Digestion Issues

During the ascension process many are experiencing digestional upsets such as Irritable bowel symptoms. There may be changes occurring with digestion in general, including changes in diet. The digestive issues might fluctuating between periods of diarrhea and constipation. There is also Increased gas, bloating or a feeling of 'fullness' not necessarily due to diet.

The changes in the digestive system occur during the ascension process often due changes in diet and eating habits in general. As the body adjust to different frequencies changes in diet occur, but also changes in how the body is processing different foods.

As ones personal vibration is raised they may naturally crave food and drink that is more pure. They may suddenly develop an aversion to foods of a 'lower vibration', which can include junk foods that are processed, treated with chemicals and preservatives, and filled with fats or sugars. As the body begins to hold more light, consuming these foods may lead to many of the digestional upsets that one may experience during this time.

Throughout the ascension process, the diet and desire/aversions to certain foods can fluctuate along with the various changes and shifting in personal vibration. Eating denser foods of a lower vibration (foods you do not feel good about, including any drugs or alcohol) may begin to cause digestional upsets almost immediately upon consuming them. Your body may begin to have an aversion to such toxins and the higher spiritual energies are coming in to cleanse and purge your body of anything you consume that is denser in vibration.

Digestional upsets can also occur as your body adjusts to these higher frequencies in general, often after the introduction of new, higher frequency foods into the diet. Pay attention to your body and what it needs. Consider eliminating certain foods out of your diet to see if the issues diminish or disappear, or begin to introduce more fresh and organic options into your diet to start purifying your system.

Aside from the changes in food and diet, stress can be a major factor when it comes to experiencing digestive issues or ailments in general. The ascension process is complex and several symptoms can occur around the same time or simultaneously. Many things are changing on many levels energetically, and these changes can often manifest on the physical level and effect daily life in some ways.

The ascension experience can be overwhelming and this can cause in increase in stress in general. Stress can definitely wreak havoc on our digestive system, and anxiety can cause many of the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome, and even changes in diet that are not natural or unhealthy eating habits. Eliminating stress, relaxing through meditation or breathing techniques, and forming healthy eating habits can all help reduce and digestive upsets during the ascension process.

The sensation of energy pouring in through the crown/head area is often described as 'sprinkles'. The experience of pressure on the crown is often said to feel as if someone is pushing a finger into the center of your head at times. Their are huge downloads of energy coming in through the crown chakra during the ascension process and whenever their is a crown chakra awakening or activation. The sensations mean that you are opening up to receive divine energy.

The Solar Plexus chakra is our personal power center and is connected to the stomach area. As this chakra becomes activated and as energy changes occur here, physical and emotional symptoms such as anxiety or 'butterflies in the stomach' can occur. Unresolved emotional issues that involve ones personal power and core strength can effect this area. As healing work is done on the solar plexus chakra, many of these energies become cleared or purified, and as one reconnects with their personal strength and power centre, the spiritual ascensions symptoms will often accompany this awakening.

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A Word of Advice

Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process. Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed. If you are experiencing a majority of these symptoms it is a good indication that you are experiencing the ascension process more fully.


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