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Changes In Diet

Your eating habits and dietary preferences may begin to change. You may fluctuate between periods where you are feeling extremely hungry, to periods where you have little or no appetite. Natural periods of fasting may occur when you are feeling in high spirit or vibration. Foods you were used to eating may suddenly begin to taste differently.

You may develop sudden cravings for particular foods; you suddenly enjoy foods you never liked much or wouldn't eat in the past. There is a sudden strong desire to eat lighter and healthier; you begin to crave eating fresh, organic and more natural food products. You may develop sudden aversions to certain foods, even those you once enjoyed, but especially junk foods or processed foods.

Digestive issues and food allergies/intolerance's may occur, and this may have to do with the vibration of the food and one's personal vibration as well. The energy of a particular food can effect your physical body and your energy level and vibration.

Fresh and natural foods are healthier for your mind and body and higher in vibration. These foods will heal and energize you more during the ascension process. Unnatural or processed junk foods are filled with harmul chemicals and additives which are lower in vibration and can drain you of energy and can lead to dis-ease. Unhealthy or lower vibratory foods may begin to lack flavor or taste unpleasant, while healthier and higher vibratory foods will become more flavorful and be craved more often.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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