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Changes in Breathing and Energy Circulation

Feeling out of breath, like you can’t breathe deep enough, or breathing too fast for normal comfort; sometimes noticing you are holding your breath a lot.

There is a lot going on within your physical body. During the ascension process we become 'lighter' and filled with energy, and this has a direct affect on our body. The effects of the energy can be noticeable in your breathing patterns since energy and breath go hand-in-hand.

You may notice periods where your breathing seems pressured or heavier, or it seems more difficult to breath, as if you can't intake enough air or are not getting enough breath. Assuming there are no other serious health concerns that this is linked to (Asthma, for example), and assuming you are going through the ascension process, then the changes in breathing are nothing to worry about if they come and go, and there are various meditative and breathing techniques which can bring comfort and relief to these symptoms.

The in and out flow of the breath is also connected with your level of stress and your ability to relax your body and calm your mind. Are you breathing correctly? Obviously, you are breathing if you are alive, but most people do not know the actual correct way to breathe in order to receive the most energetic benefits of the breath, or life force.

Since the ascension process itself, and the other ascension symptoms can raise stress levels in the body at first, proper breathing and relaxation techniques can be amazingly beneficial during this process. One common thing that people do is hold their breath a lot at various moments throughout the day, not even realizing it. This is not beneficial to the body at all, since you are holding in all the negative or old energy, and not allowing the life force energy, or breath, to flow and circulate through your body. The life force energy of breath not only helps the body to relax, but it helps to clear out old energies, remove energetic blocks, purify the body of toxic energies and emotions, and it gets stagnant energy moving! Getting enough breath on the inhalation (the correct way) and being more conscious of the breathing process itself, can have obvious physical benefits such as more physical energy and alertness to the mind since it is this oxygen that is needed to revitalize your body, yet at the same time conscious breathing promotes relaxation and relieves stress and mental discomforts.

If you are noticing your body is tense, or you are feeling anxious, stressed, or noticing any head pressure, headache, fuzzy-headidness, confusion, etc, then just simply taking a moment to notice your breath can help immediately. Notice if you have been holding your breath too much, not allowing the energy to naturally flow in and out. By simply breathing deeply and deliberately, you will notice a profound difference in the way you feel, especially if you learn to make this kind of conscious breathing a habit--which you should! It may seem like a chore at first, to constantly monitor your breath or breathing habits, but over time this will become more natural--as it is the most natural way to breath! Stress in our modern society overwhelms and stresses our minds and body, and breath (and life force energy) helps to restore, revitalize, and re-balance the energy fields of the body, and the physical body itself, relieving many other ascension health symptoms, especially those associated with stress or the inability to relax or think clearly.

Prana (प्राण, prāṇa) is the Sanskrit word for "life". Prana is the universal principle of energy. It is a vital life force. It is all pervading. It is the animated breath of life that permeates all things, everywhere, at all times. It may be either in a static or dynamic state. It is found in all living things from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic.

Prana is force. Prana is magnetism and Prana is electricity. Radio wave travel through Prana. Even the sun, moon, the clouds and the very earth we live on is a blessing of Prana. Knowledge is Prana. The whole body works with this vital life force energy. The Human body derives this Prana through the breath. As is common knowledge breath and life are practically synonymous. To breathe is to live and to live is to breathe. Breath is intimately connected with body and mind. It is the bridge permitting access to the nervous system, mind and vital energy (Prana shakti). Breath, body and mind are all energized by the vital life energy.

Deep focused Breathing or observing the natural rhythm of the breath can help quiet your mind and relax your body, Breathwork in general can ease most of the ascension symptoms in general. Breath deeply inward through the nose, expanding your stomach/abdomen area outward as you do so, and bring the breath upward, filling your lungs deeply with oxygen, and then slowly and deliberately exhale the breath out your mouth. Relax your body as you do this, and continue focusing on each inward and outward breath for as long as you would like. During each inhalation, you are drawing in the breath/chi/prana and breathing it down into your stomach (solar plexus) and filling your body with the light and life force energy.

Intentional Breathing draws in more life force energy (chi, prana, etc) into the body, and as it circulates, you can use visualization techniques to help clear out the toxic or stale energy in your body, replacing it with clear, pure and revitalizing energy.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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