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Beginning Meditation and What It Means

Meditation. The words conjurs up different images and has different meanings, depending on who you ask. But truth be told.. Meditation is Universal. Anyone can do it. There is no "special" way to Meditate. There are various techniques and methods for meditation, but the basic meaning of meditation is simple.

One way to look at Meditation (especially if you are more religiously or spiritually inclined) is that: "Praying is a way of talking to God/Source/Spirit... and Meditation is merely Listening... "
It's also listening to your own inner voice and intuition-- which is often the way that Spirit speaks to us. Although many of us our so busy with the hustle and bustle of every day life that we often don't pay attention, or we become confused and wonder-- "what does Spirit want me to know? What does God want me to do?" -- and so on.... (ugh! the human mind....)

We are all human. Life has it's ups and downs for sure. But let's take a break from all the chaos, ok? YOU deserve it!

The goal Meditation is to simple BE. What does that mean? Well... what are you doing right now? You're reading this, right? Well, in a way you are meditating. Because you are focused right now. You are choosing to read this. Just as easily you could choose to focus on anything else, such as the beating of your own heart, or your breath, or the sound of the wind, etc.,.

The point is, that meditation is something you can do anytime and anywhere -- and you might even be doing it now and not even realize it! BUT (and here's the kicker) that meditation really means that you are consciously paying attention to what you are doing and you are doing it with purpose and good intention..

In other words, it makes no sense to go meditate upon a mountain top if the entire time you're thinking about all the stress factors in your life such as the bills, the kids, that mosquito that keeps buzzing around your head, and so on..

Meditation means... that you could simply be mowing the lawn, or washing the dishes, or even while taking a shower or eating dinner you could be Meditating. How? Well you can meditate by simply Paying Attention -- by simply being mindful of what you are doing and keeping your thoughts positive at the same time. The mind tends to wander and by deliberately choosing to focus on what you are doing is actually a form of meditation!

If you want to take your meditation a step further then you can choose to focus on an affirmation or even visualize a specific image in your mind while you go about your day-to-day life. When you are ready to take a few minutes to sit down, or especially upon waking up in the morning or while you are laying down before sleep, you can simply close your eyes and just be CALM. At first it might seem difficult for some. But YOU are different.

You are HERE for a reason. So you can close your eyes and focus upon any positive thought or image that you wish. Spend at least 5 minute doing this. That's it. 5 minutes each day to deliberately meditate. But in the meantime, please know that while you go about your day--- you might be meditating more often than you realize. : ) Blessed Be and Be Well.

Article Source/About the Author:AscensionSymptoms.com (LRB)

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