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Ascension - The Conscious Choice To RISE!


It is many things. It is change. It is healing. It is rising up.

What is it to you?

With the latest energy shifts on the planet, there is much talk of ascension. Some will ascend, and others may do so later. But in the end, we all have to rise at some point.

You will experience your own type of ascension many times throughout your life. And they will not require any planetary shifts in order for you to have the opportunity to rise.

We are all connected.

If you are in a place where you feel stuck, do not want to let go, move, change or grow, this is where you will stay.

But at some point in your life, you will rise up. And when this change for your own ascension is ready, it will be brought to you. Whether it is within your free will or whether it is not.

See with this connection that humanity has, you can think of it as six degrees of separation.

If you are "happily" stuck in a rut and do not want to change or fear of letting go, you will be connected somewhat to someone who is embracing change and moving forward. Maybe not in the very closest connection to you, but perhaps one or two or even six or more connections ahead of you. And when one person moves or shifts, then this shift creates a ripple effect down the line. And eventually it arrives at your doorstep.

So for a closer example, you may be in a relationship or friendship where you know it is not going well, yet you are too afraid to let it go. The other party makes the decision to end it because they know it must end, and so they choose to ascend. They choose to move forward, grow and evolve.

You on the other hand feel sad, lost, alone, frightened and do not want to end this relationship, even though you know it is not working. Over time you resist moving forward and stay feeling stuck where you are. And even with many opportunities that may be presented to you, you still do not want to move or change.

But over time, the butterfly must emerge from the cocoon. And slowly you make your way out. And slowly, your broken wings heal and you... ascend!

The ascension was not of your free will to start with. But eventually it happened.

So this is what ascension is about.

It is about making change in life. It is about being brave enough to heal your old wounds. It is about taking another chance at life and love.

With all this talk about ascending to the 5th dimension, it can be confusing as to what it really is.

Being in a different reality is about making different choices.

You can stay in your fear based 3D world, or you can open your heart and embrace love.

Because that is what 5D is about. It is about acceptance, for the self and for others.

It is about unconditional love. Not needing to add any condition or reason to loving anyone including yourself.

It is about expanding your consciousness. Following your dreams, knowing that anything can be possible and that fear is just an illusion of your mind.

5D is about being your true, authentic self.

Be you! Everyone else is taken.

Express yourself. Love yourself.

And let others see who you are and when they do... shine.

And if they don't see you, why? What are you hiding? Just keep shining anyway!

Love is bound to no conditions.

If you aren't ascending now, you certainly will be when you are ready to.

Ascension does not leave anyone behind.

We all ascend to where we need to ascend to.

And when your time comes, trust that you too will RISE!

It's your conscious choice. You have free will.

So use it to love freely and without condition!

Rise, butterfly rise!

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