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Unusual Body Aches and Pains

You may begin to experience unusual body aches and pains all over or in particular areas; soreness in joints, muscles and bones for no apparent reason, and not due to physical exercise or fatigue.

There is a lot going on within your physical body. During the ascension process we become 'lighter' on an energetic level and this has a direct affect on our body. You may experience aches and pains in any part of your body, or a general overall feeling or achiness or discomfort; joint, bone, and muscle soreness, stiffness, pressure, heat, tingles, throbbing, or cramping can sometimes occur out of the blue, and not necessarily having any physical related cause. Sometimes these symptoms can be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness or denseness and fatigue.

The aches and pains that you experience in various parts of your physical body may come and go and vary in intensity. The aches and pains this ascension symptom are primarily caused by energy that is stuck within the body, or a build up of toxicity within the system. The karmic cleansing and clearing of old energies may place a strain on the physical body. But this cleansing is necessary for the body to detoxify itself naturally.

At various stages during the ascension process, new energy downloaded into the body. These 'energy upgrades' to your body may be intense, and if the individual receives or takes in to much of the energy at once, or is prepared or able to process this energy correctly, then aches and pain may be felt as a result. Cramping, fatigue and other physical body symptoms may be due to this incoming energy as well. These higher vibrational energies can often stimulate and excite the various parts of the body--both internal and external--often causing it to heat up or become inflamed. These incoming energies are also helping to accelerate the ascension process itself.

At more advanced stages of the ascension process, the body is being filled with more light and more intense energies. But before these new energies can come in, the old energy has to be cleared or transmuted.

This clearing or cleansing process involves dealing with old emotional issues and mental blocks that may be causing negative or stagnant energy within the various energy bodies; energy disturbances on these levels will eventually manifest down to the physical level and have an effect on the physical body, often this is also the cause of these various aches, pains and other physical discomforts.

Negative memories, thoughts, and un-dealt with or repressed are things that can disrupt the healthy flow of energy within your body, which can often manifest as these physical body aches and pains, joint and muscle cramping or stiffness, arthritic-like pains, burning sensations, circulation issues, and even body fatigue or a feeling of heaviness. Replacing negative thinking with positive thinking will make a profound difference in your life if practiced regularly, and some of these physical aches and pains may begin to disappear. Also, dealing with any repressed emotions, unresolved feelings, and releasing attachments to negative people or situations, painful past memories and resentments will also clear the body of toxic energies and remove blockages within the energy bodies.

When there is dis-harmony or blocks within the energy bodies or physical body, then new energies (chi, life force, prana, etc) can not enter it efficiently or the benefits are severely limited. Stagnant or negative energies within the body create problems in the various area in which they are located, or can cause general aches and pains and fatigue.

Exercise, yoga, tai chi, walking, swimming, --just getting up and moving your body!--can help ease the aches, pains, stiffness or tension. Stretching is also important for the obvious reason that a lot of stiffness and aches are due to lack of movement and blood circulation.

Avoid taking over the counter drugs or prescription pain killers, as these things can add to the toxicity of your body, greatly limiting your energy overall, and effecting your ability to use new incoming energy as effectively; this will also cause more stress long term, preventing healthy growth. Use natural, organic or herbal home remedies to deal with any physical discomfort that is directly caused by ascension body aches and pains. Examine your diet as well, and eliminate anything that you feel might be toxic or lowering your vibration, such as junk or processed foods, or foods with harmful additives or chemical. [Diet Changes & Ascension]

Relief can of course be found in traditional solutions like a hot bath with Epsom salt, massage or just plain and simple relaxation! Deep focused Breathing or observing the natural rhythm of the breath can help quiet your mind and relax your body, Breathwork in general can ease most of the ascension symptoms in general. Breath deeply inward through the nose, expanding your stomach/abdomen area outward as you do so, and bring the breath upward, filling your lungs deeply with oxygen, and then slowly and deliberately exhale the breath out your mouth. Relax your body as you do this, and continue focusing on each inward and outward breath for as long as you would like. During each inhalation, you are drawing in the breath/chi/prana and breathing it down into your stomach (solar plexus) and filling your body with the light and life force energy.

Intentional Breathing draws in more life force energy (chi, prana, etc) into the body, and as it circulates, you can use visualization techniques to help clear out the toxic or stale energy in your body, replacing it with clear, pure and revitalizing energy. Meditation on a regular basis will also reduce overall stress or anxiety in the body that may be contributing to any physical discomforts. Various alternative therapies or energy healings can also assist, e.g., acupressure, reiki, acupuncture, etc.,).

These energetic upgrades within the body involve pressure, expansion, acceleration, and growth. It's natural that your physical body--right on down to you fingers and toes--might be effected by the actual on-going biological physical changes that are happening, and from time to time feel the sporadic bursts of energy and energetic activity during the ascension process. Your physical body is changing, but don't worry--it's a good thing!

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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